We bought a new trailer so the van needed a brake controller for it.  There are many products on the market and from what I have discerned these guys are the new kids on the block.  Made by Hansley, who have been making tow products for many years, just got into the brake controllers not long ago.

Now, I have never own, used or installed a brake controller in my life.  I did not know what they were until last year when I got the PUP, but appraently it has surge brakes(no controller required).

So this controller is a proportional type.  It works off the brake light signal like most proportional controllers.  When your brake like comes on the controller senses this caculates how fast you are slowing down and sends the appropriate amount of power to the trailer breaks base on what you selected on TV and trailer weights in the set up - it was easy. 

So  two weeks ago I started serious looking when we decided on the trailer upgrade.

So I read about several - Tekonsha  P3 was on the top of the list for most of my researching and then I came across the TruControl article - it read very well. The things that attracted me was the more power with the use of PWM(pulse width moduation,I studied electronics so I knew that was better), easy install(newbie, so that was needed), easy setup for different trailers and the thing did all the rest.

I got a qoute from a local place - King City Trailers - for 150$.  That was steeper then I had hope and I figured I could do it myself. I am sure the price is fair and would be similiar at other places so I but I needed to save money so I could afford a wieght distribution hitch as well. And besides, the install was suppose to be easy!

The easy install was not so easy - but let me put that into perspective. 1) I never installed one before. 2) most of my install issues were not with the TruControl but with the van and that would have been the same as with any other controller. 3) I was working in a cramped cold garage with no access to the rear hatch.

One thing that would have made it a little easier is a pigtail - they are made specific for each car - it has the same wires on it so you just unplug the current plug, plug in the pigtail and easily splice the wires together - the pig tail was not available for our Quest - according to the dealer - and i did not have time to order on online.

I looked up the Nissan Quest brake wiring colouring chart to find out witch wire gets attached to the TruControl - this will very on which you have so look it up - I googled "Nissan wiring". on my chart it just says brake wire(+)/red green/at brake pedal switch - it was easy to find in it.

You will need various tools, wire cutters, sharp knife, tape, wire couplers, I also used a portable soldering iron that I have for electronic work.

Jan 15 - controller install

Above, 7 way plug - princess auto  - 20$

Below - 7way plug tester - only works for testing lights not the controller.

Above - checking out access panel and possible controller postions

Below - this van does not offer many spots of "out of the way" but "visible locations.  This was the best I could find other then ontop of the dash which DW would not agree to.

above - position marked

below - bracket attached.  Make sure you don't drill into any thing where you cable hole or screws are going into - I was able to put my hand in there to make sure nothing was going to get damaged. 

Next couple of pics is running the controller cable and attaching controller to bracket 

Above - find places where you can tie wrap your wires that they will not rub on anything.

Below -  Mistake, I put wire to close to the bracket - does not allow it tilt up for better viewing. I will adjust right side forward.

The next to pics are of the brake wiring harness - 

Next - power wire run into cab - 2nd pic show the wire going into the cab via the air conditioner line block.  the foam is nice and plyable creating a good seal when done.

Above - Green/red wire located.

Below - splice, solder and tape up real well - reinsert.

Above - running wires to the rear for the 7way connection.  These panels com off easy..  I did not show the 7way connections as it is a mess and temperary.  I will run the wires externally in the spring.


Next 3 - installed and running. 11.54volts running on battery- 14.51volts when car started

Over all - I was very please with the install.  For my 1st install I am very pleased.

Now for the insteresting fact - this is not the controller I ordered.  I had ordered the cheaper model silver and they had sent me this upgrade in error.  Oh, they know they sent me the wrong one as they emailed me saying the accidently upgraded me.  Personally, I think they ran out of stock of silver and had to send out something. Does not matter why, I thanked them none the less.  


This weekend - Jan 23 - I towed the trailer home. Controller worked assume. When I was braking it felt like I only had the van.  My configuration for the van and trailer fell just below the 3 setting. As per their instructions you can adjust until you feel the stopping power feels good so went to the 3 and it worked really well. 

For my 1st controller I am really pleased.  Great product and could not ask for more with the installation, easy setup and most of all, performance.

And I am not saying that because of the upgrade the gave me - if it was crap I would have said so, but they really have a winning product. Again, I have never delt with another controller so my experience is limited but having experience with many things I think my assesment of this controller is fair - great product! 

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