Here's the new trailer. Purchased Jan 8 2011

The Story

This was basically an impulse item.  You know they have stuff at the check out counter - "oh yah, I could use one of those!".

The truth is I am not sure how I found it.  I think I was looking for a used brake controller for the current PUP camper.  We had seen these hybrids when camping last summer and thought we look into them in about 3 to 5yrs when we needed to trade in the Nissan Quest as it was not rated to pull most we have seen.

So, there it was, "Minivan towable" - don't believe that when you see that!, Some sales people will say it and it will be to late if you have not check the specs on you TV(tow vehicle)

But, lets just take a peak at the configuration for shits and giggles"trying not to get my hopes up". Nice! Bunk beds for Thing 1 and Thing 2 (girls), washroom for all the girls(no more night runs to the washroom-DW's job), seperate bunks for me and wife(I snore), bigger fridge with small freezer. Storage for kitchen stuff. Wow everything we liked and most likely the seller is lying about the "van towable" part base on the on the  research we did looking at these types even this model.

Not sure of the next sequence of events.  I think I email the seller for the weight of the trailer - response was Just shy of 2400lbs.  Hmm, that can't be right! Van rated to tow 3500lbs - lots fo room to play. I then did some research on that model - found a speccifacation manual on Aerolite site - aprx 2800lbs!  Damn this guy was lying! I emailed him again saying I found the specs - he then went and check the sticker for me to be sure - 2398 "just under 2400". By this time I had DW involved already so she was kinda going crazy as well.  Wow, too hard to believe.

So - made plans to go view - 3hrs away from use down near London, so possibly a big time waster.  So Jan 8, off we go - Sarah and I headed out in a snowy day, TO area only. We get there, I inspect the out side while he gets the key he forgot.  He opens and shows me the sticker - 2398lbs. everything looks good for a 2000 trailer.  Unable to inspect bunk ends do to cold but looked ok from the parts I could see.

Go back to the shop with seller(trailer stored indoors at nearby location) - phone wife and talk, she put it all on me - went back in to talk to seller, as I waited for him to get off the phone thought I would play with his mind a bit. He Started getting the paper out - so I stock out my hand to shake his and said "thank you for your time" I am pretty certain he thought I was not buying at this instant-, then I said as I was shaking his hand, "and I would like to buy the trailer and give 200 hundred deposite", that was the arrange we dicussed via phone prior to my visit. I make myself laugh!

The seller Chris Liddy, owner and operator of In the Hunt - very helpful and straight shooter.  He was up front about everything so far.  He was willing to deal and in fact, more then I expected to my delightful surprise.  I got the trailer for the price I actually wanted after he countered offerred my 1st bid.

At this point I would buy from him again!  Thanks Chris. 


So it took me two weeks to get the van ready - and I was still scrambling the night before to get it ready for the tow for the hitch ball.  See my page on the Controller install.

The van towed pretty good - It drank gas like I drink beer on a hot summer (too much) but pull good. I estimate that it eats gas at about at the emount when doing about 120KPH with no trailer. I did an average of 100kph back fromthe pickup and it drank the whole tank.  I plan to do no more then 90KPH when we go camping.  With the van and trailer loaded we will be just below the max at 3400lbs (if all the numbers are right. So be light on the accelarations and  prep the van with a tranny cooler and run the engine with sythetic oil in the summer months. Synthetic has a higher temperture rating and will help allot from the info I am getting off the internet forums.

See the other pics and I look forward posting on our 1st camp with the new trailer this summer.

above - Not ours - same model, like the picture so I loaded it. 

Below - one of the nicest features to me was the side bunks for the girls, no my fighting-move over.  Got to get a ladder and railing for Sarah in upper buck.

 below - again not ours, just same model - but liked the picture

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