Camping with the PUP

Aug 21 2010

We arrived last night at ArrowHead Provincial Park -  near Huntsville.  We got there about 1015pm do to some technical difficulties that delay our departure and then some detouring do to traffic.  It was dry and warm when we got there and even though it was dark the site was spacious so easy to back in the PUP.

Above - you can see one site that was fairly close to use but on the other side was 40feet of bush between use the the other site.

Below - Rain, rain, go away, com back another day! -- it started raining the morning around 2am.  It rained for 2 days.  You can see the drainage ditch to take away the water.

Aug 22 -  Above  - Calling  for clear weather tomorrow wife can't wait.

Below - Trailer looking pretty messy with being stock in there for 2 days -  I got a leak on my end and had to put a tarp on until the weather cleared up and put on some sealer.

Above - you can see as I mentioned above, lots of trees between us and the other site. 

Below - I put up the heavy tarp the 1st day so we could get the fire going.

Above and below - one the the attractions at ArrowHead -  the Big Bend

Below - some  very foolish father (in my opion) teaching his kids to not worry about land slides.  With all the rain we got in the last two days I would not be doing this  -- I would not be doing this with my kids - I would not be doing this!!

Above  - my hammock tacken over by Shannon.

So, we spent 5 days there - we packed up Wed. 

Summay of Arrowhead : sites are good - swimming was cold, water was silty.  They have a boil water waring issued all the time and we lost water for a whole day - toilets did not work!!!! Had to go the other side.

We don't think we will go back as we did not like the silty water for swimming.

Aug 25

We packed up ArrowHead and headed to a KOA near Gravenhurst.

Above -- Kids in the pole - I am not to found of clorine pits for swimming so I just let the kids enjoy.

Below -- The campsite at KOA - I felt I was camping in someones back yard.  Trailers close together, some parked year round - this pic was taken from the road that circled the center trailers.

Above - Pic of site from the road as it curves around.

We booked a full service site not realizing that there were no washrooms on this sided of the part - the girls a a great time with that - at nights I just pee'd on the tree behind the trailer and road my bike to the washrooms during the day.  We did like these sites compared to the ones near the washrooms as they were not as packed together as the others.  We will get a small utility tent and portapotti so we don't have to worry about these things.

Above - Great fire on the last night 

Below - they look like angels, just get them in the car for 2 straight hrs!!!

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