Aug 1, 2010

TV is the blog lingo for Tow Vehicle - in this case it is our 2005 Nissan Quest.   It has been a good van so far and now we started using it this summer to pull the PUP we purchase last fall.  I had a neighbor help pick it up from Kitchner as the hitch was not on the Quest yet.  The most important thing I forgot to check before heading out on our 1st camping trip was to see how the PUP sat on the TV,something I may have learned if I had gotten the hitch on to tow it home with the Quest when we purchased it.  With the TV loaded internally and the addition of the PUP, it was very weighed down.  The below 2 pics only shows the PUP on - when the when the van was loaded, the Quest wheel rim went past the tire - it did  not bottom out but it was close.


Above: Nothing special, wheel off 

Below: Inserting the bag on the right side. This is probably the easy part of the install.

Above and Below :  Right side in, line connected, wheel back on.

Above and Below: Install left side

Above and Below : Me install the T junction. 


I found a bracket for the fill nozzle to go on, I just had to make the exsisting hole a bit bigger. 


Hard to tell - now installed and trailer on, but not loaded in the back of van.  I did gain a little hieght but more important there is almost no sage when loaded. As a test a neighbor and I jumped up and down on it.  On the next camp trip it will loaded the T's and that will be the true test.  I will do a test before leaving for the camping trip on the weekend before with the new hitch and cargo rack.  I will take a  pic with full load and trailer before I head out on the next trip Aug 20.

The one thing I would stress is the hardest part of this install is the putting on of the air lines.  If you are anything like me you will be priasing the amighty's son when you go to put these lines on.  The only word of advise I can give is size you lines 1st, attach to the bags first then put the bags in.  You will need to collapse the bags to get the in springs as per the instructions so you will need to have something to cap or pinch the lines you have attached so the bag stays deflated.  I could not get my lines on the bags - only about 50% on. The lines collapse easily when trying to put on.  When on though, you can't pull off, the nipples bite right into them.   Good luck.

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