This is Patrike1.  I named it that as it was my plan to build several and name them accordingly.  Patrike2...

Well, the building always came last.  After changing houses, having kids and job changes, helping external family.  I never seemed to have finished it.  On the other hand it has been a test bed for experimentation.  I have done so many changes to this I have probably built the equivalent of 2 or 3 trikes.  The above pic is the current config.  I have changed the rear end and seat stays 3 times.  I have upgraded the steering.  Added front diskbrakes.  Changed the front end from being adjustable to fixed as I thought it would be easier to just make the seat justable-still working on that.  If I put the original build beside this on you would not recognize it. Someday I will paint it!

Patrike1 was originally based on the ThunderBolt by Rickey Horwitz.  No comparison in build quality and material.  He is a master of aluminum-probably any material if he choose to be. About the only thing that matches are the front end angles and the way I set up the king pins/steering knuckles -kinda!  If you want some high end plans and an unbeatable build - check out his latest sight:

He donated the original plans for the Tbolt plans to the IHPVA:


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