July 17 2010

Some pics of our 1st trip with the PUP - 1st time at Bon Echo Provicial Park.


The 1st morning - we had no real ideal what the camp site looked lik when we arrived - that was last night at about 10pm when it was dark.   I tried to talk the  wife into going the next morning but she was determind to wake up the next day there.  


Having set up the PUP only a few times I was comfortable with that but my backup skills still need some practice - after a few runs and with the guidance of my wife and neighbor with a flashlight we mangaged to get the PUP into position and leveled on 2x8  --  no more night set ups - I hope!

We also had to put the PUP down in the rain when we left.

Below :   The next couple pics just showing camp site as we have breakfast and get set up on the 1st day.

Above -- yongest daughter Shannon - she spent most of the time here with her DS


Below --  The older daughter Sarah, she was a bit more open to the camping thing.

Above - July  18 this is the view beside us on the hill looking from the fraont of the trailer - a bunch of new PUP's just moved in for the week.


Below - On the same hill looking at our site - all set up by now.

Below  - did a trip into the small towns near by - this is at a small gas/store. 


Over all- the trip was nice and relaxing -

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